söndag 16 februari 2020


I found a link to TwistRix on a page called Free Website Traffic, and it was listed as Nr. 6 of 9 under the headline "Top Autosurf Traffic Exchanges 2018". Well it was listed as TristRix, but I suppose that was just a typo.

Since the other eight listed were all major, well established autosurfs and Twistrix was the only one I didn't know anything about I decided to sign up and try it out.

My first impression, when landing on twistrix.hlg.io was that it looked solid but generic. copyright notice at the bottom read 2007-2020, so I guess the've been around for a while.

When I signed up the form for some reason placed me in Australia. This has happened a couple of times lately. Maybe the script originates from Australia and it's set as default. I don't know. The confirmation mail arrived within seconds and I was greeted by name when I signed in to my account. Only it wasn't my name. It turned out it was the username of my referrer. No big deal really, but for a short while I was tempted to change my username to something naughty so the program could greet anyone signing up under me in a more "funny" way. I managed to refrain from doing that though.

Inside the members area, there isn't really that much to see. The Exchange has a 15 second timer and You get credited 0,8 credits per view. This is for Free members and it doesn't look like You can upgrade your membership, but You can pay for additional credits. You can add 3 websites, 3 banners and also textads (whitch I didn't try out, since it was the sort with one short line of text, and I don't really like them or think they're any good. The sites are auto approved, which is good since I usually loose interest if my sites aren't approved within 24 hours. Also URL rotators are allowed which I also think is good. Some exchanges doesn't allow them since it's difficult controlling what users put in them, but also because they want to sell upgrades to add more sites instead of letting You add sites to a rotator.

"Affiliate Toolbox" is just a referral link and if You want banners or splash pages You'll have to make Your own. The down line builder is empty as well.

When I surfed it I got the same 10 or so sites over and over again. This usually happens at new exchanges where not many people have signed up yet, or at exchanges where most users have lost interest and nobody has any credits left. Two of the sites were for manual traffic exchanges and none of them loaded. Most of the banners in the surf frame wouldn't load either. These to are signs of an exchange slowly dieing, but there might still be some hope. I'll keep surfing TwistRix for some time to see if things gets better of worse. They definitely need more active users though.

Long time no see ...

So I found my old blog where I wrote about traffic exchanges and such. Last entry was 2014, and I guess a lot has happened since. I had to devote my time and energy to other stuff and sort of forgot about this blog.

Well, I've been back for some time surfing the exchanges and now and then I've been thinking about this blog, but I thought it was long gone, until I found it.

Most of the exchanges I wrote about seems to be gone though, which I think is sad in a way, but there are new ones out there so  my plan is to start all over again where I left off.

At first I figured I'd erase the old posts and start from scratch, but now I think I'll just clean away all the broken links and missing images and let the actual posts stay. The broken images are banners I linked directly from the exchanges and as they went offline the banners did to. I had copys of those banners on my harddrive at the time, but unfortunately that harddrive and everything that was on it disappeared many years ago.

But it will have to wait until tomorrow - right now I have a traffic wave to catch.

/Gone Surfin'!

söndag 4 maj 2014

Area 51 - Another update

Top Secret Traffic from Area 51 Hits !

This morning Area 51 Hits was back online again. I did some surfing there and everything seems to be working fine now.

torsdag 1 maj 2014

Ghostly Ships Traffic Exchange

When I stumbled upon Ghostly Ships Traffic Exchange I got interested at once. The first thing that striked me was the eerie, dark theme of the welcomepage. I've always loved ghoststories, horror and sci-fi so I knew I had to sign up.

Free members are allowed 10 sites, 5 banners and 5 textads and Ghostly Ships Traffic Exchange promises a very genrous 500000 hits for signing up. It almost sounded to good to be true.

The autosurf has a 10 seconds timer and surfing is very smooth and easy. Unfortunately, a month after joining all of my sites are still in "Waiting Approval" state. Maybe it was to good to be true after all since the exchange looks like the abandoned ghost ship it's named after.

Ghostly Ships Traffic Exchange

tisdag 29 april 2014

Area 51 Hits - Update

Top Secret Traffic from Area 51 Hits !

As I wrote in my previous post about Area 51 Hits, I wasn't to happy with them. Over time this changed for the better. I don't know what changed on their part, but they didn't reject any more of my sites or banners and Area 51 Hits sent quite some traffic my way. Surfing was better also. Instead of like 25 sites showing over and over it looked like they got more members. Either that or they used some other exchanges memberbase.

They never DID answer my mails or explain why they blacklisted my domain, but apart from this they improved to a point where I actually was quite happy with them.

Yesterday they were missing without a trace. Their server is still answering, but yesterday there was nothing and today there is is the Apache welcome page. "The fact that you are seeing this page indicates that the website you just visited is either experiencing problems or is undergoing routine maintenance."

I have no clue as to what is going on. Yesterday I figured they were left and gone, but since the Apachepage is up they might have suffered from some sort of hardwarecrash and are working on getting the site back online.

They might have their hands full at the moment, but if I were in charge I would have sent a mail to all members letting them know what was happening and wheter or not the site is coming back. Seems like communication never was Area 51 Hits' strong side...

torsdag 10 april 2014

Traffic Send

Traffic Send differs a lot from most traffic exchanges. First of all it doesn't work from within a frameset but instead opens the sites it shows in a new window. I had some difficulties figuring it out at first since I had a pop-up killer activated and wasn't too keen on deactivating it. Traffic Send does behave though, and it closes the windows it has opened before opening the next one. The timer is set to a random number of seconds for each new window. To make Traffic Send work at it's best You should download and install the Alexa toolbar.

You are allowed to add as many sites or pages as You want and it looks like rotators and non-english sites are OK.

There is only surfing. No banner-, button- or text ad exchanges. No splashpages, rotators or downline builders. There isn't even any rewards for referals but You can get rewarded for discussing Traffic Send on some boards.

Traffic Send

tisdag 8 april 2014

10K Hits

10K Hits is an autosurf with a 10 seconds timer. As a free member You can add 5 sites. Surf ratio is 1:0,5. There are no banner-, button- or textad exchanges, so I suppose You could say 10K Hits is down to basics, but it does what it's supposed to do.

They do offer a linkexchange and there is a forum. Apart from this it's just surfing.

10K Hits